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Therapy Tools

Exploring Perception Download

Use this tool to explore how you perceive the world around you, how others treat you, and how that impacts your own self-perception and sense of identity.

When we can sift out what's true from what is misperception, we can start making decisions based on who we are versus who we think we are supposed to be.


Exploring Values Download

Use this tool to better understand your values and how your current work/life/day-to-day aligns with what is most important to you. 

Taking time to prioritize our values helps us to live more authentic and meaningful lives. 

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Exploring Support System Download

Use this tool to examine your support system and how to you it. You will understand who you can trust with task support and emotional support and how to ask for help. 

You will also practice using boundaries to protect you own mental load in the give and take of a healthy support system. 

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Nurture with Nature Guide Download

Use this brief guidebook to help understand the power of nature for our mental health, the different ways you can engage with the outdoors no matter your physical ability, and specific mental health tools to bring with you whether you are in your backyard or in the midst of the wilderness. 

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